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Are you longing to have the job of music teacher working with the youngest children before they start school? Do you see yourself directing informal music and movement activities with preschoolers, toddlers and maybe even babies at your early learning centre?

What's involved in getting those preschool music teacher roles, or setting up your own classes for parent and child? What kind of qualifications and experience do your need? You might be surprised at what you learn.

Here are some ways you can start changing lives through your love of music —

and your love of the way children learn through play.

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Preschool and Junior Music Curriculum

Imagine what help it would be to have 20 music lesson plans and over 440 MP3s — enough for you to teach a year-long music program to children 3-6-years-old.

That's what you get in this 10 month course. One lesson plan can last for a month!

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Are You Ready to Start Your Own Music Program?

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Story Songs:

10 Benefits from Sharing

By the end of this course, you will be able to name 10 benefits from singing stories to children aged 3-5 while showing them picture books that illustrate the lyrics. Your delivery will become livelier and more engaging. You will feel more confident in your work, happy in the knowledge that researchers and experienced practitioners have passed on their wisdom to you.

Self-directed Certificate Course. 4 Modules. 13 Videos. 4 Quizzes


Instrument Song:

'Come and See My Farm'

Learn how to run a successful musical experience - singing and playing instruments using a folk song. Suitable for working with one child or a group of children age 3-6-years. This song from Argentina is like “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” . You need to have a collection of percussion instruments such as maracas, sleigh bells, guiros, and finger cymbals. Includes 5 video, 9 audio & 10 image downloads licensed for your educational use.

Self-directed Certificate Course. 3 Modules.


Preschool Music Curriculum


If you are planning to work musically with children 3-6-years-old and too many questions are disturbing your peace of mind you will find this personal session highly valuable.


Music with Toddlers


If you are planning to work musically with 0-3-year-olds (babies, toddlers and twos) and you can't deal with the overwhelm from the Internet, this personal session will help you decide what to do next.


60 Minutes General

Consultation with Carol Biddiss

Confidential attention to your general questions. Advice and guidance can be provided in this call with award-winning arts curriculum specialist, Carol Biddiss M.Ed.


Music for Babies' Brain Development Course

If you are planning to work musically with 0-13-month-olds (infants) and you want to follow reliable researchers, this self-paced course will give you the background information PLUS practical tips.

Self-directed Certificate Course. 6 Modules.