Early Childhood Music Hub

Whether you're starting from scratch on your journey, or you're an established expert in early childhood music looking to expand your impact —

the Early Childhood Music Hub is the perfect place to nurture your dreams and make a new career

What Do You Gain?

Becoming an Early Childhood Music and Movement Specialist is more of a jigsaw puzzle than a straight path.

What could be involved? What might you learn through a membership course that you didn't think you were going to learn? How is your puzzle a reflection of the uniqueness of you?

Like chasing any heartfelt desire, once you start pursuing this dream, the gains are immense.

Here's a list of the 11 puzzle pieces we'll study:

  • Resources

  • Materials

  • Knowledge

  • Networks

  • Mindset

  • Skills

  • Programs

  • Experience

  • Professional Development

  • Qualifications

  • Your Practice

Who is This Membership For?

You may be an early childhood educator, a school teacher, a music /dance /drama teacher, a librarian, a singer or other performer, a speech /occupational /family therapist, a parent /carer /grandparent, or an early childhood student.

Maybe, you're none of the above! All you need is an interest in the well-being of young children, curiosity about the power of music, and a love of community-music-making.

You don't need to be able to read music to do music (ask Sir Paul McCartney!)

You do need to clarify where you are heading, save yourself from making mistakes, minimise the learning curve, stay up to date, feel like you belong to a community, and gain validation and reassurance.

5 Learning Outcomes for YOU and the Children

Skillful delivery of musical experiences affects everybody's


strong sense of personal, group, and cultural identity through music and movement


strong sense of belonging, social connections, and respect for diversity through music and movement


strong in social, emotional, and physical wellbeing through music and movement


strong dispositions and strategies for learning in, through and about sound, music and life


effective communication through music and movement and literacy in music and English language

ECh Music Hub Membership Contents

Systematized or Flexible Learning - It's Your Choice - Jump in or Cancel Anytime

LIVE Monthly Q&A + Workshops on Zoom (Recorded and Stored in Your Library)

Zoom Recordings on the Jigsaw Piece Topics You Can Catch-up Later or Revisit

Access to Other Paid Courses + Downloads + Articles

  • '1 X Monthly Sessions with Carol '- Use this Q&A session with Carol Biddiss and other members on Zoom to ask anything about your programs, students, career, planned innovations, premises, equipment and more (Value $227 per month -$2,724 if you stay a member for 12 months - join anytime - cancel anytime)

  • 'Video Vault' - All of our past Zoom recordings, on-demand access to each monthly live session stored in your library as the year progresses.

  • 'Course Vault' - As soon as you join, in your library, you'll have access to two of our courses, the brand new 'Preschool and Junior Music Curriculum' and the popular 'Story Songs - 10 Benefits from Sharing' along with other free resources such as 'In a Cottage' and '9 Popular Preschool Music Activities'. (Courses Valued at $649 if you stay for 10 months)

"If your goal is to become an early childhood music specialist,

then you have every chance of success because having this goal affects your identity.

Your focus is ‘I want to be’, not ‘I want to do’.


But a goal needs actions. The way you become a specialist is by doing certain things
effectively. However, the emphasis is different for each person.

You might be really great at teaching people to play your instrument but you don’t know how to
handle little kids. You need to learn what engages young children.

On the other hand, maybe you’re great at getting children engaged and staying fascinated

but you’re no expert at reading music or playing the piano (or any instrument!).

You need to learn how others like you provide excellent musical experiences without being a career musician.

It doesn't matter which of the jigsaw pieces you are starting from, if you want to contribute

— to make children's lives happier and more joyful through music and movement —

you might just need some support for a while. You decide for how long.

I invite you to join this "Hub" and get yourself centred and connected.


Rather than tell you what to do, I want you to have the chance to become

well-informed about what’s going on in the world of early childhood music and movement.

Across the world, there are thousands of practitioners, researchers, YouTubers, therapists, performers,
business owners, music teacher associations, childcare centres, schools,

dance and drama academies, clubs and cultural communities —

each one has a different angle.

That’s why I’ve chosen eleven ‘topics’ to steer you down your career path,

eleven jigsaw pieces for you to pick up and fit together in your unique way.

My goal is that you deepen your commitment
to this fundamental statement of identity

— "I am an early childhood music specialist.”


Along the way you will discover resources and materials, learn new knowledge, connect with others, see what others are doing,

investigate learning in music, gain new skills, practice your programming, feel validated for your achievements,

find out what pathways to qualifications lie ahead, and improve your own work with the children.

Join us and convince yourself that you do belong as an important contributor in the
wide, wonderful world of early childhood music — in your own special niche."

Carol Biddiss, M.Ed

Early Childhood Music Specialist

Monthly Q&A Workshops on Zoom

  • January— Resources

  • February — Materials

  • March — Knowledge

  • April — Networks

  • May— Mindset

  • and more to be advised on The Q&A Page when you join

'Monthly Session with Carol '— Join the LIVE Call. Use this Q&A session with Carol Biddiss and other members on Zoom to ask anything about your programs, students, career, planned innovations, classroom, premises, equipment and more (Value $227-$2,724 depending on how many months you stay)

Video Vault

  • January 2024— Resources

  • February 2024— Materials

  • March 2024— Knowledge

  • and more to be advised on The Q&A Page each month

'All of our past Zoom recordings, on-demand access to each monthly live session as the year progresses.

Included in Your Library

How Much is This Membership?

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